Helmut G. Tollmann

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Theodor Heuss Str. 50
50181 Bedburg
Büro +49 2272 9990133
Bildende Kunst, Film / Funk, Neue Medien


Theodor Heuss Str. 50
50181 Bedburg
Büro +49 2272 9990133


Helmut G. Tollmann is an artist of Cologne, who is at home also in the world. Hong Kong, Japan and Italy are long-standing stations of his artistic life. At the art festival in Ravenna he was honored in the year 2004 as a significant and best foreign artist. His artistic contributions towards chip technology, which built up the basis of computer technology, are unique in art history and have introduced him world-wide the epithet „Soul of chip".
He is a silent, serious and independent character, who is working hard on his ideas. Therefore in art scene he has not still appeared at all up to now. Rather he has search and found the audience for his paintings, objects, graphics and photo / light / music-performances on events in collaboration with the big fair companies in Cologne, Hannover and Munich. He is represented in the collections by DaimlerChrysler, Acer, Dielektra
Siemens, as well as in other institutional and private collections, e.g., in Hong Kong, New York and Athens. However, to the inhabitants of Cologne he has had always also a special relation and thus he has during the last years with his exhibition “Verbindungen” (connections) in the space of Neuerburg, organized by the City of Cologne and Artexpert, he lay accents in the modern art history of this city with his monumental painting „the eye of Trude Herr“, an beloved actress, writer and singer of Cologne in the second part of the 20Th century (today in Cologne / fair). In Bonn the
Federal Press Club had invited Tollmann for its his reopening for a big exhibition, including his artwork „Beethoven superstar“. His portraits of significant personalities (among others participation in the project Sancto-Subito) put accents in contemporary art.


CV - Helmut G. Tollmann

born 1945 Cologne

painting, graphics, sculptures, photographs, performance

lives and works in Cologne

1961-64 graphics education

1964-68 Study of graphics and design at the Cologne work-schools

1968 Activity as a graphics designer and independent artist

1970 Activity on natural painting and landscapes under the impression of the pictures of Max Ernst.
Leverage of Jawlensky, learning the meditative apprenticeship of the Zen Buddhism.

1975 dealing with engineering processes and basic structures of electronics as elements of linked up communication. multivision-performance. Exhibitions in Germany, the Netherlands, France

1980 Big events, exhibitions world-wide.

1990 Developing the multi-level-technic. Experiments with new materials and technologies parallel to the development in the industrial technology.

1996 Multimedia projects oriented to general public in collaboration with Artexpert, Cologne (www.artexpert.de)

2000 Concepts and working on linked up art projects

2001 Collaboration with Artforum Culture Foundation, Thessaloniki, dept. Germany. “Personal Individual” and “Sancto Subito” graphics at ArtForum Editions, Thessaloniki-Cologne.

2002 “Verbindungen”, Mega-art-event on the exhibition site Munich. Invitation of the Federal Press Club for the reopening of their new space in Bonn, One man show. “Soul of chip”, Mega art event on the exhibition site Munich

2003 Retrospective one man show at art association Aurich; exhibition Antwerp, one man show. exhibitions at t-system, toll Collect; Marina di Ravenna art festival, price: „silver sail“,

2004 Art event and one man show in the fair halls of Cologne. End of the year he start the work process on the portrait of Karol Wojtyla, pope John Paul II. Exhibitions in Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Spain „Visibly invisible “ art performance as a part of the art project “sancto subito” (www.sancto-subito.info) by Artforum Culture Foundation: water, earth, air- performance, including the materials of drawings and edition, in Rome, Philippi (GR) - and, on the occasion of the visit of Pope Benedikt XVI, in Cologne.

2006 Exhibitions at Galerie Roubrocks und Partner, Cologne; Museum Wehrturm, Cologne; Gymnich Palace. Preparing the light and sound-performance

For vast study travelling and exhibition participation Tollmann came to Paris, London, Ireland, Italy, Greece, New York, Boston, the former
Soviet Union and China. Artist’s friendship among others with Max Ernst, Hans Hartung, Andy Warhol, Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Charles
Wilp. Portrait orders of significant international economic leaders. Numerous artworks in private collections and public possession.